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A detailed evaluation of the convenience and feasibility of providing the amenities in your apartment is carried out by architects, engineers and electrical, civil and sanitary contractors. They are designed for maximum utility and convenience. You may still wish to modify designs or to install additional equipment and fittings. The following information will be useful when you are placing requests for extra works:
It is our objective to deliver the project on schedule. This objective can be met only if we plan all items of work well in advance. We request your co-operation in finalising the requirements for your flat early to enable us to proceed speedily with the work. Subject to feasibility, the following is a summary of the jobs which can normally be accepted:
  Energising all dummy points
  Providing extra electrical points at different levels and positions.
  Shifting electrical points
  Provision for Air Conditioners
  Providing additional inlet and outlet(wall or floor drain) for washing machine.
  Providing inlet for aqua guard.
  Providing inlet and outlet for dish washer.
  Providing inlet for health faucets.
  Providing flush tank in servants toilet.
  Providing bath-tubs, (as per feasibility and item supplied by client).
  Providing hand/telephonic showers in toilets.
  Providing hot and cold water connections to wash basins.
  Change of sanitary wares, like wash basins and EWC’s.
  Change of tiles in toilets.
  Providing marble/granite sinks in work area.
  Providing tiles in work area. Extra height of tiles on the walls.
  Providing kitchen sinks of any size in the kitchen (subject to feasibility).
  Providing swan neck or swivel type taps for kitchen sink.
  Providing full pedestals or half pedestals for wash basins.
  Providing aluminium sliding partitions for shower area in toilets.
  Providing shower curtain rods in toilets.
  Providing paper holders in toilet.
  Demolishing walls to combine rooms.
  Converting toilets to a utility room.
  Converting toilets to dress area (False ceilings are provided for rooms below a toilet).
  Combining bedroom balconies by demolishing the partition wall.
  Providing extra counters.
  Extending kitchen counters by avoiding the store room.
  Air Conditioner frames with grills and glasses.
  Change of flooring.
  Converting store room to puja room.
  Providing cornices.
  Providing wash basin counters in toilets (subject to feasibility).
  Providing raised ridges in shower areas.
  Providing a gap for a cooking range in kitchen counter.
  Providing aluminium French windows in living.
  Providing wardrobes & shutters in kitchen as per our standard specifications.
  Providing shutters for lofts as per our specifications.
  Providing mirrors on wardrobe shutters or above wash basins.
  Providing showcases in living/dining.
  Providing AC frames with grill and glass.
  Fixing towel rods, towel rings and toilet cabinets.
  We regret that changes that affect the elevation, structure, or plumbing systems of the building cannot be carried out. Any changes that encroach into common areas and setbacks of the building, or infringe Corporation rules and regulations are also not feasible.

  Requests for additional ceiling points, fan points, or power points can be incorporated only if such requests are received before casting the roof of the apartment, since the necessary pipe lines have to be laid in the slab linking the points to the Distribution Board.

  Requests for the deletion of walls, lofts and counters, or for the provision of wall outlets for plumbing or electrical lines can be incorporated only if such requests are received before the commencement of brickwork and plastering in the apartment.

  Changes in plumbing, electrical and civil works cannot be accepted after plastering, since chipping plastering, laying pipes and subsequent refinishing leaves unsightly undulations on walls. However, at this stage, if flooring has not been laid, extra T.V and telephone points at the skirting level can be accepted.

  The location of beams, or dropped slabs, may reduce the internal height of lofts over doors and windows. Lofts can be provided only if they have a minimum 30 cm internal height, which permits plastering.

  For ceramic tile flooring, we can indicate the required quantities and provide a rebate if the client wishes to supply the tiles.

  We do not undertake marble flooring, since it generates many problems regarding colour, grains, fissures and stains.

  European water closets cannot be converted into Indian water closets.

  We offer a standard paint colour for interiors, which is designed to match the colours of doors and windows, grills and common areas. These paints are mixed as a single batch for a project. Alternate colours, if specified, may sometimes not be available in the market, delaying a project. Paint colours also tend to vary with each consignment making it difficult to match colours for subsequent repairs and touching up. As such, we do not accept a change from the standard colour.

  We choose reliable makes of sanitary ware and CP fittings for a project. Water, sewage and waste water lines are laid to match the inlets and outlets of these makes of sanitary ware and CP fittings, which are provided in the sample flat. If we are intimated of your requirements before the plastering stage, alternate makes and types of sanitary wares can be installed. Changes are not accepted subsequently. The make of sanitary wares provided in the sample flat can be provided in alternate colours. Changes are not accepted for CP fittings, since such changes cause alignment problems.

  Frames with grills and glass for window air-conditioners can be provided at any time, so long as the external appearance of the building is not altered.